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E A Mack Antiques

Click on any of the following images for a larger view of the item.



Pair of Brass Column Andirons, attributed to Philadelphia,  1780  -  1810.
The urn tops and tall columnar shafts, over a square shaped plinth, on double spurred-arched legs, with ball and claw feet of these andirons are characteristics of andirons made in Philadelphia in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.  
      These andirons are the form, scale, height, and design associated with the finest metal working shop and best brazier working in Philadelphia at this time period.
     These andirons have a strong attribution to the work shop of Daniel King, (1731-1806). 26.5 in high
Tall pair of Continental Brass Andirons. Circa 1900.
Bearing a paper label of: Paramount Pictures. 30" Tall, 23" Deep


Rare pair of Dome Top Brass Andirons, stamped 'BOSTON', circa 1785. 20"H, 21"L

Federal Brass Andirons - American, circa 1810. With urn shaped tops and cylindrical shaped shafts, supported by pad feet. 22" H


Federal Brass Steeple Top Andirons, New York, circa 1800. 17" H, 18" L (replaced fire dogs)


Federal Acorn Top Brass Andirons, Conn., circa 1800. 17" H, 19.5" L


Federal Brass Andirons, Boston, circa 1800. 14.5" H, 17" L ...(worn fire dogs)


Boston Federal Brass Andirons, circa 1800. 18" H, 19" L


Double Lemon Top Brass Andirons, New England, circa 1800. 17.5" H, 18" L


Chippendale Column Brass Andirons, Philadelphia circa 1800. 25.5" H, 18" L


Signed 'J. Davis - Boston' Federal Brass Andirons, circa 1790. 13" H, 17" L (small repair to one foot)


Boston Ball Top Federal Brass Andirons, circa 1800.15.5" H, 15.5" L


Antique Nipple Top Brass Andirons, Boston. circa 1800. 18.5" H, 19.5" L (replaced fire dogs)


New York Federal Brass Andirons, circa 1800. 21" H, 19.5" L


Philadelphia Column Brass Andirons, circa 1800. 20.5" H, 20.5" L


American Federal Brass Andirons, Boston, circa 1800. 16" H, 20" L (most probably by John Mollineaux-----but not signed)


Antique Brass Ball Top Federal Andirons, circa 1800. H - 16.5", L - 18"



Brass Banquet Table Lamp, circa  late 19th, England, with twin burners for oil.
Excellent condition, with restored burner, globe, and chimney.........37" Tall


Philadelphia Andirons, Urn top, circa late 18th

Brass Andirons,........American,...... English, ....& .....Continental. New items, description coming soon.



Brass Capped Black Wire Mesh Fender,2nd-3rd quarter 19th Century. 22" H, 48" W, 13"D

Federal Acorn Top Brass Andirons, Conn., circa 1800. 17" H, 19.5" L

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